Supporting Pelham Manor Values

Expereince and leadership that you can trust


“In many ways, a high school is like a village. For example, as a principal, I manage HR, public works, safety/security, and legal compliance and these responsibilities parallel many of the responsibilities of a village trustee.” –Bill Bassell

Ensuring that Pelham Manor remains responsibly debt free & property tax below 2% cap

Just like your family’s budget, being fiscally responsible is of critical importance in village management. That is why we must continue to ensure that Pelham Manor stays responsibly debt free. Additionally, we will work to ensure that property taxes stay below the 2% cap to keep spending under control and so families can reasonably predict what the next fiscal year will bring.

Work with government partners to address loss of property tax deductions on federal income tax

The Federal tax bill passed through Congress and signed by Donald Trump limits the State And Local Tax (SALT) federal tax deduction on families in Pelham Manor. Families risk losing tens of thousands of dollars in much needed tax deductions.


Bill & Amy will work with Westchester County and New York State government partners to address loss of property tax deductions on Federal income tax. The state has three possible plans but requires local governments to buy-in. Bill & Amy will advocate that Pelham Manor participate in a plan that addresses the loss of these property tax deductions.

Communication & Collaboration

Bill Bassell & Amy Fierman Moore are committed first and foremost to forging an effective working relationship with the other members of the Board of Trustees, community leaders, and other partners in government to get results for Pelham Manor residents. Currently, the Board is 100% Republican. Bill and Amy are eager to show that they too believe in fiscal responsibility. Just because they are Democrats, does not mean there will be constant disagreements and gridlock. Additional perspectives help create a more complete picture and the professional experience both Bill & Amy bring to the table allows them to work effectively with their colleagues, build consensus, and deliver results.

21st Century Governance: Install more responsive system to report and track citizen-reported needs

The Village of Pelham Manor deals with many complaints, issues, requests, etc. from residents. The problem is, we often don’t know what is reported and what the status of that submission is. Furthermore, folks are busy and don’t have time to leave work in the middle of the day and head over to Village Hall to make that inquiry. An online issue reporting/tracking system like Scarsdale has would ensure that reports are properly delivered to the appropriate authority and residents can track the status of their submission.


We need 21st century solutions for 21st century problems. This is long overdue and can be easily implemented and is fiscally responsible. We can see how our tax dollars are being used around our beautiful village.

Transparency & Accountibility Starts at Home: Make Manor Government More Transparent

Pelham Manor can make strides in transparency. Many other villages and towns all across Westchester County, New York State, and the nation leverage their online resources to provide residents a convenient source of relevant information. In Pelham Manor, we can do better.


A more intuitive and informative website

Requiring past budget documents to be posted online

Live stream Board meetings

Which grants are currently in effect

Past election results

Documents and forms that residents can download and print themselves or even submit online

We should never stop finding innovative ways to make Pelham Manor government more open to its residents.